A small spark ingnites the imagination..

With my feet up, I embark on a glorious half hour of ‘me’ time.  Mug of tea in hand, I reach for the Country Life magazine, borrowed from a friend. 
Ecoguide; Travel light spirits me away to the Spanish countryside of Sierra Nevada.  References to pomegranates, gigs and medlars made my mouth water and conjure up all sorts of pictures in my head.    The basketmaker article takes me back to the Somerset Levels and the basket shop near Burrow Mump.  Each basket espouses a sense of purpose and reminds me that I need to organise the closet again.    The article entitled Autumn Glory talks of Britain’s wonderful woodlands and again I am spirited away from my armchair to another place.  I love autumn and the fantastic spectrum of colours. 
Pumpkins on parade remind me of the efforts of the Gardeners’’ World presenters to win the largest pumpkin competition. 
Finally I arrive at the Seasonal Inspiration article and I stop here.  I am drawn into the tiniest detail of each picture and soon find myself scanning down the lists to find out where a particular item has come from.   Green Meadow by Angie Lewin draws me into the picture.  It is a beautiful picture and I spend what seems like an eternity looking at every detail of it.  I am entranced. 
Green Meadow
The magazine is set aside for the computer.  Who is Angie Lewin?  Well, see for yourself.
For me a new journey begins… I am inspired.

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