Nature Calling

I was late for my walk yesterday… waiting for a Christmas delivery by DHL.  Anytime between 8.00am & 9.00pm, that’s a long time to wait at home!  Finally at 2.00pm I was able to take Mr P for a walk.

I love the countryside, the smells (well, not always!) and the sounds.  Beautiful melodies sung by the birds.  Trees singing as the wind breezes through the last remaining brown leaves that cling to the branches.

I had set myself a goal – how many feathers could I collect.  I have been drawing in inks and wanted to make quills.

I took Mr P on a long walk today, along Lunn’s wood.  It’s a managed wood where lots of grouse and pheasants live.  As we walked along, I picked up a feather here and there.  Mr P also made a sad discovery – a dead Buzzard.

He looked a beautiful creature and I took advantage to study his markings.

Such a majestic creature.
And then to home as the sunset was upon us.  A great way to spend two hours!

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