Drawings by R J Lloyd

When I am in Wells, I often visit the Oxfam shop in town.  It has a great selection of second hand books.  I found a book called “What is the Truth?” by Ted Hughes, which was a winner of the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award and the Signal Poetry Award.  The original cover price was £4.95, however, I was so taken by the illustrations in the book, that I paid the asking price of £9.99.  (All in a good cause!)

What is the Truth? by Ted Hughes

There are 116 illustrations in this book – each one brilliant in its composition and drawing skills.  All of the drawings are in black and white and feature animals from a farm and the wild.

This is a beautiful book and the poems within the story are pure enchantment.

“There’s something eerie about a hare, no matter how stringy and old.
I heard of a hare caught in a snowdrift, brought in under a coat from the cold
Turned by firelight into a tall fine woman who many a strange tale told.
The hare has a powerful whiff with her, even when she’s a pet.
Her back as broad and strong as a dog, and her kick like a bull-calf, yet
Into your dreams she waltzes strung with starlight and music, a marionette.”

Illustrations by R J Lloyd – for What is the Truth? 

I love black and white drawings, for me they have a simplicity which  belies the skill and effort that goes into producing them. These illustrations are rich in life and atmosphere.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

5 thoughts on “Drawings by R J Lloyd

  1. Hi Eliza,Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! I'm glad you like my experiments with the ink pen.I'm quite jealous of this book you've found – the drawing look fabulous. Thanks for sharing!Lucy 🙂

  2. Hi there,I had to say, what a fantastic find! Ted Hughes is one of my favourite writers but I've never seen this book, the illustrations are just wonderful! I wonder if theres another one out there somewhere…I've just found your blog – I was totally drawn in by your wonderful title and just had to have a look! I'm glad I did…Carrie.. 🙂

  3. Thanks For the lovely post … I'm glad you stopped by. There is a thriving second hand book Market in the UK. First stop is Amazon as they are all on "marketplace". Happy hunting

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