Studying Colour

My art teacher recommended this book. I’ve been busy reading it (that’s why there have been no posts!) and I am now ready to embark on the practical side.  You see, this isn’t just a theory book, it’s a workshop.
In addition to covering the fundamentals of colour theory,David Hornung provide assignments that guide the student through a variety of colour experiences, moving logically from the basic structural concepts to experiments with colour applications.
Gouache is the medium of choice, this also caused a slight delay as I didn’t have much in this medium.  (Ching, Ching, went the cashiers till!).  However, I now have all my materials with the exception of two small screw top jars (the small hotel jam jars would be brilliant, but for some reason I don’t have any left).
Now I need to get on with the practicals.

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