Fresher’s Day – Art & Design Foundation Diploma

Where does the time go?  It’s been such a whirlwind lately that I haven’t had time to blog!  I’m currently finishing up at work ready to leave at the end of July, G had a hectic June with school exams and now lots of activities prior to finishing school at the end of this week and finally, getting organised for Art College in September.  (I know that doesn’t sound like much of an artist – getting organised two months before, something I need to work on!).

I attended Freshers Day at Art College last week, which was great, very informative.  I thought I was attending A level Art but I also received an unconditional offer for the Art & Design foundation Diploma which, on reflection, will be much better for me.  So, I accepted this offer. That means I will now be studying Art & Design full time – Yippeee!!!

Our Head Tutor thought that we would do an impromptu drawing session at the Fresher event, and we found ourselves choosing a dead fish to draw.  We had less than an hour to do this and the variety of the finished articles were great – so many varying styles – so much to learn from other students.

420mm x 300mm
Pilot Drawing Pen, Watercolour Pencils, Tea
I was generally happy with this picture as it was done so quickly.  A chinograph pencil had sneaked into the watercolour pencil box and I didn’t spot it until after I had used it to make the black marks on the back of the fish.  This pencil doesn’t work with water so the colour didn’t spread.  Learning point: check the pencil before you use it, even if it has disguised itself in the watercolour box!

2 thoughts on “Fresher’s Day – Art & Design Foundation Diploma

  1. well done :>)it's such a buzz doing the degree – I had done my Foundation year when I left school but went back and did the degree years as a mature student.Scary, intimidating at times – but such a buzz and you learn so much.

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