Summer Book Project 2011

I went to Freshers’ Day at College on the 1st July and we were given our first project to work on over the Summer.  As I am still working, I have not been able to start – but that won’t be for much longer.  However, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the subject and researching.  
It is fascinating – I had never come across this before but the range and styles I have been able to look at have really set my mind working at the possibilities.    
There are four parts to this piece of work and the key to showing these will be my sketchbook/journal.  This is also a new thing for me as I am used to using my sketchbook for drawing practice rather than as a project record.  
Have a look yourself at the wide variety of “altered art books” there are … just type the three words into google images and see what you find…. as I said, fascinating! Click here for some examples.
So, with ideas brimming in my head, I visited the local “Book Barn” to see what books I could find to suit my ideas.  
Idea No 1 – a book about nature – Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species would be ideal.  I have lots of feathers and a couple of bird skeletons that could be used with this book.
Idea No 2 – a french novel – to use as a journal as I travel in France on my holidays.
Idea No 3 – a book about flowers – to use to make sculptures from the pages.
However, my mind was open.
I did find a french novel which has a really pretty cover and an illustrated story inside.  I also found a book by John Galsworthy called Flowering Wilderness.  As I spend so much time in the countryside, I thought this book would be great to reflect something close to my heart.  
So, decision made on the book, now to begin further research on the alteration style.  My mind is already working overtime!


One thought on “Summer Book Project 2011

  1. Very tempted to do this myself as well. Quite envious of the whole foundation degree, actually. Loving getting your feedback on the very beginnings of it and your art in general. Do keep us posted!

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