I have sketchbooks coming out of my ears – well, not literally of course!  I have one for photography, one for printmaking, one for life drawing, and one for the pathway project – The Classics.

I have uploaded the first few pages of The Classics sketchbook.  I am not sure if you can see from the photos, but this sketchbook is not a new one but an old book.

I found a beautiful set of encyclopaedias at the Book Barn that I thought would make good sketchbooks.  I bought these following a conversation with my Tutor about how hard I it was for me to cut up an old book, as I have always regarded books as a sort of treasure.

However my Tutor made me think of this in a different way as he reminded me that thousands and thousands of books are pulped every year.  So, I am breathing new life into these pages by drawing, painting, and embellishing these old pages.

This is the front cover of the book which I will be taking a scalpel to when I have finished the sketchbook.  I am removing some of the cover so that the main design stands out more.

I think the book is apt for the pathway project as I have chosen Pan which is the God of Music.  As you can see from the front cover, there are a set of pipes (or horns) on the front cover.

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