Life Drawing No 1

Life Drawing is one of the aspects of art that I have been looking forward to doing.  At Strode College, Street, it is a fundamental part of the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design.  Week 1 was a bit of a wash out as the model didn’t show, however in week 2 we had a female model.  The model was asked to stand on a small platform for this session.  This meant that we were looking up at her.
I really like these sessions.  I love the quiet, focused time to really stop and concentrate on the lines and shapes in front of you.  Chris is a really good tutor who gives guidance throughout the session.  I struggled slightly with the feet and hands, which he was able to give me some assistance with, and this struggle has continued into the other two weeks.  The feet are getting better, but the hands are just not big enough.  I have been taking time to look at nearly every paid of hands that I see in the course of the day and will need to try and practice some more outside the class.  
Our model maintains the same pose for the whole session (they do have regular breaks, otherwise it would be tough) but that period really does give you the ability to take your time.  My target this week was to slow down which I did, and it really helped.
This drawing isn’t finished but I am pleased with this as it’s the first life drawing I have done.

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