Catastrophe in the Dark Room

I had a very productive day today, although it wasn’t without its own sense of drama.

I processed the black & white film in the photography dark room.  Unfortunately, the negatives came out clear, apart from a couple of frames.  Will and I did ours together and as his turned out fine, I knew it wasn’t the development process that was wrong.  Allan, the Tutor, took a look at the negatives and confirmed that there is a problem with the shutter on the SLR.

So, with a sense of deflation, I purchased another film, signed out a College camera and set off to take more photos.  Bye, bye lunch!

There is a beautiful church at Kingweston that is situated on the edge of the hamlet.  It has good light there so I thought it was worth a try again today.  It was very cloudy, however, the sun came out just as I parked the car… so hopefully I will have enough good photos for the critique on Wednesday morning.

With some trepidation I put the film through the development process and it worked perfectly.  Thirty six negatives ready to print.  This afternoon I managed to print three good photos, so I only need to do another 5 tomorrow.  This will be the focus for Tuesday.

Finish Printmaking Sketchbook
Gesso some more pages on Pathway Project sketchbook

Photograph Sketchbook Pages and load onto Blog (Move to half term)

Produce last mono print (No Longer Required)
Mount prints
Present Prints for critique
Present printmaking sketchbook

Develop B&W Film onto negative strips and produce contact sheet.
Select Prints for developing
Develop Prints

Mount Pan Pipes onto Frame
Attach gold leaf to goat’s horn

Develop Prints
Mount Prints

Draw 2D picture in Pen & Ink (Did this on Sunday)


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