Missing Deadlines

I have always been a well organised, efficient kind of person and I hate missing deadlines, it’s not in my nature.   I must have received a lecture on this very point when I was very young as I have a deep seated belief that to miss a deadline is disrespectful of other peoples’ precious time!

So, with this in mind the To Do List below was organised to ensure that I hit the three deadlines looming.  Deadline 1: Printmaking – achieved.  Deadline 2: Photography – failed; but not miserably.  Deadline 3: a self imposed deadline due to access to the studios and workshops – on track but at risk.

I have done 6 etchings prints today and I am pleased with them but I was going to use one of these prints to produce my photogram.  I was trying to achieve an organic process from pen and ink drawing to etching – to photogram to compare the 3 effects.  I managed to print the etching today as I burned a candle into the small hours last night to scratch away at a bit of plastic with my son’s compass!   However, the etchings are printed on damp watercolour paper which will dry under a board tonight, and then tomorrow the boards need to come off to allow the ink to dry.  This means that the print may not be dry when I come to take the photocopy and I don’t want to risk smudging the print.  Therefore tomorrow, I am going to have use a photocopy of the pen and ink drawing to do the photogram tomorrow – a bit of tweaking needed tonight.

Photography was one day late and although it’s not an excuse, none of the class was ready – so perhaps the timescale needs reviewing?

Looking forward to the weekend? – I know I am!

Mount Pan Pipes onto Frame
Attach gold leaf to goat’s horn
Develop Prints
Mount Prints (Moved to Wednesday)
Draw 2D picture in Pen & Ink (Did this on Sunday)
Scuplture – decide which heart to use (3 experiments in progress) – Moved from Thursday as we had two hours in the sculpture room today and all the hearts were sufficiently progressed.
Photography Class

Photocopy 2D picture (flip image)
Draw image onto Acrylic Plate
Life Drawing Class

Mount Prints

Scratch image onto Acrylic for Intaglio Acrylic Etching

Art History Class
Tutor Group

Present B&W Prints for critique  (These were moved from Wednesday as I had one print left to develop during the lesson and then all the mounting yesterday.  So they were delivered today) 
Present photography sketchbook (Moved from Wednesday as the final evaluation had to be written up after all the prints were mounted).
ADDED – Do Intaglio Acrylic Etching for 2D piece.
(Next 3 items have been moved from Thursday as I did the Intaglio Acrylic Etching)

Attach goat’s horn to heart
Attach horn/heart to metal frame
Sand Oak for plinth
Photocopy 2D picture onto acetate (flip)  (Moved from Wednesday)
Photogram 2D image (Moved from Wednesday)
Assemble 3D artwork
Mount 2D artwork (may move this to the half term)

Pathway Project Sketchbook
Pathway Project Sketchbook
and a well deserved rest!


One thought on “Missing Deadlines

  1. Ah I see the corporate person is still in there somewhere! I suppose one of the learnings from this is gauging how much time somethings take. Here's to the next set of deadlines!! x

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