The Drying Line

You don’t need lots of expensive equipment to do printmaking – many printmakers prefer to do everything by hand.  All you need is a space to do your work uninterrupted by the rest of the family for a few hours each week.  
This is my drying line, a piece of thick string hung between two bookcases in my studio.  The string is held in place by a couple of magazine boxes filled with previous copies of Wildlife magazine and Country Walking.  (Both fantastic magazines). I’ve used tiny pegs, the kind you see on the front of handmade greeting cards, to attach my prints to the string.  This is slightly restrictive drying line as I can only fit 7 A4 prints on it this way.  I’m going to have to get more ingenious if I want to make bigger prints and a larger number of copies.  

Here are my Clovely prints, pegged up to let the oil-based ink to dry.  I’m keeping this edition small as this print is more about getting back into the process of printmaking than producing a large edition.  It’s such a great feeling, seeing prints drying on the rack, a real sense of achievement for all the thinking, sketching, cutting out, and finally printing.
When it’s dry I’ll scan one in to show you.

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