Using Your Own Reference Material

I’ve been a bit remiss lately about taking my camera with me whenever I go for a walk.  I got into the habit of always having it with me either in the car, walking the dog, or just nearby in the house in case little creatures appeared like this robin.
I much prefer to make prints using my own reference material, then I know there is no issue with copyright should I choose to sell a print.  Artists are renowned for using lots of reference material from all sorts of places as a trigger or starting point for drawing and painting.  If you slavishly copy someone else’s photo then its not your own work and you will be infringing the other artists/photographer’s copyright and that only spells trouble.
So, stick to your own images and then you won’t have any problems.  This little robin visited out garden a number of times throughout the winter of 2010/2011 and I was able to get some fantastic photos of him.  I’ve used this photo as the starting point for my Christmas card linoprint which is in production on my studio table as I type.  I’d forgotten how much fun a small, simple print can be to produce and really enjoyed spending a very wintry day indoors doing this.
So, off to print some more.


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