Streamlining Technology

I’ve been on blogger for a long time and after a small break, I decided to restart my blog.  The break was a good time to think through my online presence and how I wanted my website, studio diary (blog), facebook page and twitter account to work together.

I started looking at wordpress as an alternative home for my studio diary and how it could interface with my website. 

I’d say I’m probably in that middle generation that has an understanding of computers and programs but not as wired up as my son!  So, I’ve managed to work through wordpress over the last two weeks and can link my website to my studio diary and more importantly, link back from my studio diary to my website.  Facebook and Twitter are also connected, so now I only need to post a diary entry and it will appear on my facebook page too!  There’s hope that this will reduce the amount of time on the computer and leave more time for art. 

So, if you are reading this, you’ve either stumbled across this blog or you’ve followed the link.  Either way, please leave a comment to let me know.  Thanks Jean


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