Christmas Cards

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with one of my prints, so I thought I’d distract myself by producing a small simple Christmas Card.  I’ve used my robin photo from a previous post and created a card to send to family and friends.  Let’s hope they like it.  It was great fun and the best thing about it is it didn’t take very long to do.  I bought some cards (with envelopes) from the local art shop and cut the lino to fit the card.  Then I’ve reversed the image and drawn my design onto the lino using a pencil.  I like using pencil for small pieces as I can draw thinner lines.  The graphite reflects the light so it’s easy to see.  Reversing the image is needed so that the image appears the correct way after the printing process.  I don’t have a hotplate at home to warm my lino, so I’ve bought a cheap iron that I use.  This is perfect for warming up small sections of the lino at a time so that it’s easier to cut.  To make this process as simple as possible, I used water based printing ink from Gerstaecker.

Christmas Card

Lino Ready for Print, Artist Proof, Printing Christmas Cards

It’s been a really fun thing to do.  I didn’t use any fancy equipment; only an iron, my cutters, and a burnisher (which could just as easily have been an wooden spoon) and I’ve produced something unique to send my best wishes for a great Christmas.

However, as much fun as this distraction has been, I need to get back to resolving my printing problem.


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