New Years Resolutions

I’m not a big one for New Years resolutions but just before Christmas I signed up to a drawing challenge starting today.  I’m really looking forward to this.  January is always such a dreary month that this will give me something to focus on for the next 31 days.

The challenge has been organised by Paul Foxton from, and it’s a really great activity to be involved in.  Sometimes you just need that external push to get going.

I’m using a book called Drawing Projects to provide me with some focus to each days activity.  So, here is looking forward to a sketchbook full of mark making for January and the plan that this will continue throughout the year.


Project 1 – Control is about The Extended Arm.

Each drawing has only to last 10-15 minutes; these exercises are essentially about making marks with varying amounts of control over the drawing implement.  The further away you hold your pencil from the point, the less control you will have.  The aim is to hold the pencil in four different ways and make five drawing where the responsive, sensitively drawn marks are seen as the content of the drawing and as something in themselves.

I used a beautiful Ink Pot that sits on my desk for this project, so hopefully over the next 5 drawings it will begin to resemble the actual object more.

Here’s to Day 2



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