Experimenting With Background Colours

I’m having fun experimenting with the background colour for my next print.  It’s a difficult one as I started off with a sunrise/sunset theme but couldn’t get the colours quite with the limited palette that I’m using.  As things have developed, I’ve become comfortable where this one is going and this is an approach I really treasure.  I don’t want to plan every minute detail out when I begin a print, I like them to evolve over time as I ponder and think about how it’s going.  This is the first colour background that I produced and although this is one for the bin, I thought I would print the silhouette on it just to see the effect.  I did like this.


Then I went for a bit brighter and played around with what would be the top and bottom colour.


Finally, I think I’ve found the look for what I’m trying to achieve.  Now there are a couple of things to sort out.  You see the thinner black lines around the branches.   Some of these will probably need to go – these are part of the lifting out process where the ink has marked the peaks left when the cutting tool removed some lino.  I like to have some on my print as this gives it that authentic hand printed look and not some digital reproduction.



Now, there is a question of composition, which I want to review.  So nearly there now and then I can print out the edition.




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