Daily Drawing Challenge – January 2013

So, here we are in February.

I made myself some promises at Christmas about giving myself time for art.  It’s really easy to get sidetracked by other things going on and suddenly you find yourself without anything to show.   I signed up to Paul Foxton’s Daily Drawing Challenge for the month of January and it’s made a real difference.  First, I had to decide what my trigger was going to be – so I chose clearing away the dinner dishes.  Then every evening after my the kitchen was tidy, I picked up my sketchbook and sat down to draw.  Sometimes I didn’t draw anything but just wrote in the book “Daily Challenge Completed” and the date.  Each day I signed into the forum to update my team mates of my progress and celebrate theirs.  The first week was all about getting into the habit of picking up the sketchbook and pencil.  Then slowly I began to draw.  At first I thought I’d follow a drawing projects book but it became clear, early on, that this would take me away from sitting with the rest of the family and I didn’t want that.  So, I chose to draw anything that sprung to mind or anything that I had seen that I liked the look of.  I referred to photos I had taken, items around the house, exercises in art books, and images on the internet.  So here’s a compilation of most of the drawings that I made over the 31 day period.  It’s been a real boost to this year so far, and has really kick started my year.  So much so, that I have signed up for something that I’ll keep you posted with.  2013 is going to be really exciting.

If you are interested in drawing, why don’t you check out Paul Foxton’s website www.learning-to-see.co.uk


All in all, a successful January.  Here’s to February.


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