The Finished Print


Watching Sunset

Finally, a print ready for framing.  This has been a long slog!  I started this design on 6th November 2012, click here to see the blog post, and it’s taken me until this week to get a final print ready for framing. Lots of activities have got in the way, but 2013 has started off on the right track and I’m determined to make sure it continues.  I’ve really enjoyed working on this, although it’s not been without its frustrations and challenges, but perseverance has paid off and I now have a set of 10 prints to mount and some to frame.

I’ve printed this on Jia Xuan or 2-ply rice paper, which is produced in Jiajiang County, Sichuan, a major bamboo paper producing area of China.  The only slight niggle with this paper is that it comes folded, but you can iron out the folds quite easily.

I’ve decided to do an edition of 50 for this print and the colour will vary slightly for each batch of 10 that gets printed.  That is the nature and joy of printmaking.

Now I’m off to work out the price for this print … that’s another blog post!


For those of you interested in more detail here’s a little bit of history for you copied from the website “Chinese”

“Xuan paper is produced in Jing County of East China’s,Anhui Province. The county was under the jurisdiction of Xuanzhou Prefecture in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Jing County paper was first shipped to Xuanzhou, and then trans-shipped to other ports, hence the name of Xuan paper.

The paper is soft and fine in texture, suitable for both Chinese calligraphy and painting. Xuan paper has the reputation of being able to last for a thousand years as it can be kept for a long time.

There are numerous kinds of Xuan paper, such as dan, jia, luowen, coral, tiger-skin, and jade-plate. The quality depends on whether the paper is unprocessed, processed, or half-processed.

Unprocessed paper absorbs water easily. Ink filters through this paper easily, too. People must put their brush on this paper to make sure the thickness or thinness of their liquid ink is suitable.

Processed paper goes through a process whereby gelatin made from bones and alum (a kind of sulfate) is added. This kind of paper does not absorb water easily and is stiff or hard to the touch.

Half-processed paper has a neutral character, in that it absorbs water, but it does not filter through easily.”

Every day is a learning day!




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