Registration – How is works and what you need to watch out for.

Today I want to talk about registration .. and I’m not talking about the first five minutes of a lesson at school!

Registration is a system or process that enables you to print multiple blocks onto one sheet of paper to slowly build up your print.  There are multiple ways of doing this from using the T-bar, measured marks, masking tape, cutting marks on the print paper, punching holes in the print paper.  What’s important is that you find a way that suits you.

I use two systems – one is small pieces of mount-board stuck to a piece of paper which in turn is taped onto the print bed.  These small raised edges keep my block in the same place after each inking and also give me a guide to help place my paper back into the same place ready for the next colour.    Then there is the cheats system of lowering the block onto the printed paper each time.  You have to have a really steady hand when you lower the block down and then you have to take care when turning the paper and block so that the block ends up underneath the paper.  I used this second system when I printed my reduction sunflower print and it worked well but I’m using the first system with my hare print.

So here are all my blocks:


I have three blocks with the hare on them.  Two will be coloured; one ochre, one brown and the final one will be the black outline.

One block for the sky

One block for the foreground grass and hedge.

And here is the first test piece:


Now, if you’re eagle eyed you will see a white line running along the top of the hedge and just above the back of the hare…. now that shouldn’t be there, so now I need to work out how to set the blocks so that this white line won’t be there.

By the way, it’s not as easy as it looks!!  So I’m off to play around and find the solution.  Please ignore the colours … they still have to be developed – I just used different tubes of ink so that I could see the separation of colours – easier to spot the gaps.

Hope you like this one developing.


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