Somerset Art Weeks 2013

Well, I’m committed, or I should be!

I’ve signed up for Somerset Art Weeks 2013 (SAW2013).  I must be mad!  It’s something that I’ve supported for years and now I’m going to be a participant.

I’d already thought about doing it this year and decided against it.  I thought it would be a good idea to get a decent number of prints under my belt, but my inner self was saying, “no, go for it.  It’ll be good for you, something to look forward to.  Give yourself a target to aim for” and then a simple question by someone re-ignites my interest.  In fact, that simple question came as a tweet from @arthousesue asking if I was doing SAW 2013 and had I found a venue.  This year it’s an Exhibition event, so you have the join a group of other artists to exhibit in a venue of your choosing.  Hence, the question from Sue.  Sue runs The Little House of Art in Glastonbury, Somerset.  It’s a very unique Bed & Breakfast  which also exhibits the work of local artists on a three month rolling programme.

There’s so much to do, but the first hurdle is out of the way; registering.  Next is the artist biography and photos for the brochure! Well, I’d better get a move on with this.



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