Tell Me About Yourself…

… where do I start?  How much do you want or need to know about me? Will my whole life history bore the pants off you?  Yes, I’m sure it will.

So, Why do I need to tell you about myself.  Well, I’m writing my Artists Biography for Somerset Art Weeks 2013 (SAW2013).  People want to know about the person behind the art.

What do you include in an Artists Biography? (I hear you ask!!)

What’s important is that I explain a little of how I’ve arrived at being a professional artist.  There’s loads of advice out there about what you should and shouldn’t include.  How your biog should be written; first or third person.

One thing to remember is that it’s different from an Artists Statement.  A biography differs from a CV in being only a paragraph, or two (okay, maybe three) written in prose. An artist statement talks about the work and the thinking behind it, while the biog talks only about the person themselves.  Most biogs are written in the third person but it’s really up to you; do you want to get up close and personal?

An artists biog could include the following but there are no hard and fast rules.  I found the following list helpful which I found on Artquest 

  • Your name
  • The medium you work in
  • A line about the key themes, concerns of your practice.
  • Your showing history
  • Your art related education (degree level onwards)
  • Other interesting information relevant to your practice or career as an artist (e.g. collaborations or arts collectives, other areas or aspects to your career that inform your practice)
  • Where you live and work

So, with this is mind, here’s my biog written ready for submission with my Somerset Art Weeks 2013 (SAW2013) registration.

Jean Stevens (b. 1968) is originally from Scotland but has spent most of her life in Somerset.

Art has always been a part of Jean’s life and she was initially educated in technical drawing and graphic communication.  However, life took a different path and Jean decided to pursue a career in business management.

The desire to return to art was rekindled by attending classes with Fiona Peart, a watercolourist and Jane Brayne, a painter and illustrator.  A return to formal education followed when Jean was offered a place to study Art & Design at Strode College, Somerset.  Jean completed a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design with Distinction in 2012 and her work was chosen by Strode College to form part of its College Collection.

Jean has chosen to focus on printmaking to produce mono and limited edition prints.  Her love of the countryside, nature and wildlife greatly influences her work and she is currently working on a series of prints reflecting this.

Let me know what you think!


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