Experimenting.. Or an excuse to potter in the studio

This is like the saying “it’s good for children to be bored”.  However, having been at the end of that scenario a number of times in the school holidays, sometimes I’m not so sure.

Sometimes I like to go into the studio without a plan.  Sometimes I just sit there and take time to think about what I’m doing, what’s on my mind, what’s the next print I want to do etc (This is usually when I have a tidy up!).  Sometimes I just play around with the inks.  As you will know from this blog, I spend a lot of time walking – that’s what you get when you want a dog!  As I walk I generally collect items off the ground; feathers, leaves, plants etc and use these for monoprinting.  In fact, I have a huge pile of feathers which grows daily.

So, pottering – or playing with my finds.


I don’t plan to end up with prints that I want to sell but always hope to learn something about the printing process. Just occasionally though, a little gem presents itself.



We encourage our children to play all the time, make mistakes, learn from them, try stuff out and have fun – sometimes I think adults need to do that too!



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