Don’t do what you’ve always done!


It’s funny that, if you’re not careful, you can get set in your ways.  I’ve always used the brown linoleum for my lino prints.  I tried using the soft stuff but found it too difficult to control my cutting so I’ve always stuck with the brown stuff.

When I started following other artists’ blogs, I kept seeing this light grey version.   So, as my supplies of the brown stuff have started to reduce, I decided to purchase some of the light grey lino.  It took me a few clicks of the mouse to find this grey version on T N Lawrence Art Supplies.  So, what’s the difference? (I hear you ask).

Well, for me the biggest difference is that I’ve not had to warm up the grey lino before I start carving which you always have to do with the brown lino, so it has several plus points.  1.  I don’t have to use electricity to heat up my state of the art hot plate, aka the iron  (money saving).  2.  I don’t have to wait until it’s heated to get started (time saving).  3.  It seems to be easier to cut into (less effort).  So all things considered, it’s a winner.  If you can afford it, it’s even more economical to buy in a roll.  All you have to do then is spend some time cutting up your blocks.  That can be a little tricky as Gail Broadholt explains on her blog.

So, don’t always do what you’ve always done.  Always search out new ways of working that make it better for you.


2 thoughts on “Don’t do what you’ve always done!

  1. Hi Jean! Happy to have found you here, too! I love the notion of trying new things and experimenting with different lino. I also do this — sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t! But I also found the heating process of the grey lino to be a pain. I’m glad you found something that is working better. I’m going to check out the rest of your blog. Thanks for posting!

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