Appreciating Craftsmanship of the Present & Past

I visited Lincoln for the first time back in April this year.  I wasn’t there for very long as I was there with work (shame) but there were some beautiful memories that I have taken away.  The first is sight of Lincoln Cathedral as I approached the city from the west.  Lincoln Cathedral stands high about the rest of the city and stands as a beacon for the surrounding area.  It is currently undergoing some major external renovations, and as I took time to look around the external part of the building before entering for Evensong, I was amazed by the intricate work that stonemasons from all those years ago (1185-1311) crafted to create this amazing piece of architecture.  What is even better, is all the work being undertaken now to remedy the years of pollution and wind that has had an effect on the stone.  It’s great to see these skills still in existence today.  Here are some photos of the work currently being undertaken.


The European Stone Festival is being held at Lincoln Cathedral on Saturday, 22nd and Sunday, 23rd June, up to 150 stone masons from across the continent to the city, to celebrate the extraordinary skills and talents of Europe’s finest stone masons and carvers.

The festival revolves around a 14 hour time limit for the masons to work on their own creative designs, allowing the public to watch as they work on their impressive carvings which will later be put up for auction. The auction will give members of the public the rare opportunity to own their very own carving.

The festival will take place on the East Green of the Cathedral, which makes this the first time that so many masons will have worked in the grounds since St Hugh’s restoration in the 12th Century. With the celebration of the ’1000 years of Traditional Craft’ taking place at Lincoln Castle and the Select Lincolnshire farmers market in Castle Square offering great Lincolnshire produce, this really is an incredible opportunity to take a step back in time and witness at first hand an art form that has been practised for thousands of years. “

Jean_Stevens_Lincoln_Cathedral_3Jean_Stevens_Lincoln_Cathedral_Portico_2Jean_Stevens_Lincoln_Cathedral_Portico Jean_Stevens_Lincoln_Cathedral1Jean_Stevens_Lincoln_Cathedral_5

 It is highly regarded by architectural scholars; the eminent Victorian writer John Ruskin declared: “I have always held… that the cathedral of Lincoln is out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles and roughly speaking worth any two other cathedrals we have.”

Hope you enjoy the small audio clip of Evensong, a very beautiful and uplifting sound!


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