Sketching in Preparation for #DrawingAugust

London was so hot this week, so I thought I would take a trip down to the water and sit awhile.  It doesn’t take much for me to reach for my sketchbook and I sat quietly enjoying the sunshine and sketched away.  It was so hot though that I kept smudging some of the pencil work.  Next time I should use pen.

I love the way that doing something so simple as drawing in a sketchbook can connect you to others.  A small boy stopped next to me and starting looking at my drawing and then the view.  His mum explained that he also liked to draw and had asked his mum to stop so that he could have a look.  I talked to him for only a few minutes, although he was very shy, and then also his mum.  She said that he liked looking at sketchbooks, so I showed him mine.  It was a great opportunity to encourage someone else to draw and I’m pleased that we talked.


Ideally I would have drawn the view behind me, which happens to be my favourite place in London.  Unfortunately there wasn’t anywhere to sit down, and being so hot and bothered I didn’t want to stand for too long!  Next time I’m in London, I’ll make sure that my drawings are of the Tower of London!

IMG_1231 IMG_1232

For those of you that draw already, keep sketching.  For those of you that don’t, why don’t you have a go!  You never know, you might like it.


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