Urban Sketcher

I’ve given myself a bit of a kick and promised to do more drawing in my sketchbooks.  I say sketchbooks as I’ve three on the go at the moment.

There is, however, one sketchbook that I carry around with me everywhere, just in case I find something that I want to record.  On many occasions it stays in my bag, unused but not unloved.

So having followed Urban Sketchers for a very long time, I’ve decided to make a commitment to draw more, recording what’s around me and making some scribbles on the page about the day, what it was like, what I saw, etc.

These sketches won’t be polished works of art but quick sketches, experiments with techniques and equipment, and above all, a record of the world around me. I look forward to looking back in the sketchbooks at my journey through life and my development as an artist.  As with most things there is never a destination only rest breaks along the way before you review the map and take a new route!


SouthBank, London

I’m so looking forward to #DrawingAugust


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