#DrawingAugust – Updated List of Participants

With 17 days to go, I thought it would be a good idea to share an up to date list of all those individuals who have excitedly, if not slightly nervously, signed up for #DrawingAugust.  There are 85 sketchers on this list – which is brilliant, so let’s see if we can get this list to 100 before 1st August 2013.

If you don’t know what this is all about have a look at my previous post here.

@OlderthanEvil   @jeanstevens4   @Jcurtisart   @fionasculpture   @freshlysketched   @PaulaOakley1

@dEEN1ckersOn   @AlisontheArtist   @bellabasilcata   @EmmaRushArt   @Wainwright_LJ3

@smallofferings    @staithesartiston    @kfsoriginals    @treblevodka    @AlanTaylorPaint    @ArtbyJAK

@JoDacombe    @LizReal1    @ArtistRebeccaLS    @LindaCoteStudio     @CarolsOriginals    @peepart

@Rachellen333    @poochweasel    @purple-primate     @Printsbymaggieg     @nelchee    @LTPaints

@Redshoeskate     @Skull_Full     @myapplique    @LynnKeddie     @DaveMooreArt    @Redpaint17

@LOTZofArt     @art_ellie    @elphaba90     @james_clayton    @DanielJEllers     @MosquitoCreativ

@fury_conception     @DMDrawings     @DrawntoDevon     @CSADillo    @IanGordonCraig

@JameSamuels   @AlkalineCrow     @DistractedKeith     @CarolAnneTonge     @Zalamanderuk

@Anns_paintings    @Digifem     @lynnecroft1     @sculptressbyday     @that_designer

@artroshi    @fauxgypsy      @nauticistar     @JeanEd70     @vividly     @LornaJohnstone

@InkwellArts     @legardner     @Jennyzigzag     @paulawhite_uk     @ProjectDogwalk

@marion_taylor     @walkanddrawbath     @MissSMerrill     @sragel     @luxx_deluxe

@jayniemk     @MsJoAnnCurtis     @GloriaDeanArt     @vrandallart     @BotanyGubbins

@Jas_bel     @readdevine     @CathyTStudios     @MaryLizingram     @janbrewerton

@WillyGilder    @gracewizzidean    @Bertypops

If you’ve signed up to #DrawingAugust and I’ve not listed your name, let me know and I will add you on.

I’ll tweet and blog some more information a bit nearer the time, so keep an eye out for it. For those of you not familiar with twitter the # tag is a way of everyone posting so we can all see each others posts – it’s important that we do this, or we might miss some of the wonderful drawing that get tweeted.

So, let me know if you want to join the happy band of enthusiasts (gluttons for punishment!) listed above.

Come on, you know you want to.


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