Supposedly walking the dog!


I’m starting to find any opportunity to take my sketchbook out with me when I walk Mr P.  It’s been glorious weather so I took advantage to sketch the local church.  It’s not what I’d call a refined drawing, but you know what?, I really like it.  Quick (20-30mins) and a change for me in that it’s got lots of colour.  This isn’t the ideal sketchbook for paints as the paper has a sheen on it (Moleskine) and I’m not great with watercolours, but colours are something that I’d really want to add to my sketches.   What’s important is that you start somewhere.  I used brushes that have a small reservoir in the body which holds water, that means I don’t have to carry around a water pot.  They’re great brushes, but I need a lot more practice with them.

I’ve also reviewed the contents of my pencil case and now have my brush pens and a small watercolour set with me all the time.  There’s no firm rules about what you should carry but as long as you have what you need.  Perhaps this should be another blog post.

Getting ready for #DrawingAugust – are you?


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