One line at a time …

Here’s a good question; what is a drawing made up of?  Yes, exactly, a series of lines on paper.  I follow a blog by the artist Jackie Morris and it was originally called “Drawing a Line in Time”.  I love reading this blog for all the drawings, paintings, and general posts that Jackie puts up for the world to see.  It’s such a thought provoking title, anyway, I digress.

Back to the reason for this post.  I went to the beach at West Bay, near Bridport, Dorset for a family day out. It was a cold and misty day in comparison to what we have been experiencing here lately so my trusty sketchbook was on hand to keep me company.  As others swam and went crabbing I found a spot by this old boat that has been dry docked.  As I sketched, I thought I’d take some photos to show progress.  As you’ll see it really does start with one line at a time and a slow build up to the final picture.

I added the colour later at home as I thought I’d try my Inktense Pencils on my Mokeskine sketchbook.  The paper in this sketchbook doesn’t take water very well and I want to use more colour, so I thought I would try these.  Once you’ve laid down the colour you just brush over a tiny amount of water to bring the colours to life.  It’s worked perfectly so now I have some a new additions to my sketching kit for when I’m out and about.




a small blip here as I got carried away and forgot to take more photos!






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