The not so creative side of being an artist

I’ve spent this week reviewing all my work, organising what needs mounting or framing and how much I’m going to price it for.

I’m getting ready for Somerset Art Weeks 2013 and I need 11 framed prints,  for hanging, and lots of prints, mounted only and cellophane wrapped, for the trough.

So, decision number one; what to mount?  Well, that wasn’t as difficult as I thought.  I have some linoprints and monoprrints already and a wood engraving.  I’d like to do another wood engraving and some etchings… so I’d better get a move on.

Next is organising the greeting cards.  I’m off to Pennybatch gallery on Tuesday to discuss some of my images that I would like turned into greeting cards and perhaps, postcards.

So, this has taken up most of the weekend but I always have time for a walk in the fields with Mr P.  I collected a few leaves for mono printing and this is one I managed to do this evening.  I really like this.  The leaf itself is enormous and reminded me of a tree!  As you can see some of the sap from the stem has come out onto the print, but I think this adds to the print rather than detracts from it.  I think I’ll frame this one too!




205 mm x 290 mm


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