#DrawingAugust – Updated list of participants

With one more day to go until the start of #DrawingAugust, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has signed up.  What a response!  Now we are a group of 123 people  that will be participating in #DrawingAugust and this number is still growing.  I can’t step away from Twitter without it going mad!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about have a look here.

There’ll be another post today just reminding everyone what they need to do!

So, here is the up to date list of participants.

@OlderthanEvil   @jeanstevens4  @Jcurtisart   @fionasculpture

@freshlysketched  @PaulaOakley1   @dEEN1ckersOn   @AlisontheArtist

@bellabasilcata    @EmmaRushArt    @Wainwright_LJ3    @smallofferings

@staithesartist   @kfsoriginals   @treblevodka    @AlanTaylorPaint

@ArtbyJAK    @JoDacombe   @LizReal1   @ArtistRebeccaLS

@LindaCoteStudio   @CarolsOriginals   @peepart   @Rachellen333

@poochweasel   @purple-primate   @Printsbymaggieg   @nelchee

@LTPaints   @Redshoeskate   @Skull_Full   @myapplique

@LynnKeddie   @DaveMooreArt   @Redpaint17   @LOTZofArt

@art_ellie   @elphaba90    @james_clayton   @DanielJEllers

@MosquitoCreativ   @fury_conception   @DMDrawings  @DrawntoDevon

@CSADillo   @IanGordonCraig   @JameSamuels   @AlkalineCrow

@DistractedKeith   @CarolAnneTonge   @Zalamanderuk   @Anns_paintings

@Digifem   @lynnecroft1   @sculptressbyday   @that_designer

@artroshi   @fauxgypsy   @nauticistar    @JeanEd70

@vividly   @LornaJohnstone   @InkwellArts   @legardner

@Jennyzigzag   @paulawhite_uk   @ProjectDogwalk   @marion_taylor

@walkanddrawbath   @MissSMerrill   @sragel   @luxx_deluxe

@jayniemk   @MsJoAnnCurtis   @GloriaDeanArt   @vrandallart

@BotanyGubbins   @Jas_bel   @readdevine   @CathyTStudios

@MaryLizingram   @janbrewerton   @WillyGilder   @gracewizzidean

@Bertypops   @americodasneves   @MyBirdBeeGarden   @513_Belle

@Adaviespaint   @maghiemags   @K_Landers_Art    @realfunghi

@EricaSharpe    @zeke0317    @pegmorrisart    @Dstringle

@bbluesnowflake   @JK_Draw   @MugumoWorks   @sumi1998

@Lamb22Lamb   @NettieWriter   @MrUku   @Ghassann555

@hierwieda    @jerryshawback   @IeuanEdwards    @JoHatty

@BirdHousePress    @alpacakatie    @kardisom    @Bevart

@Toferfer    @Kerryisbald    @Ben_prints    @DaveBarrow3

@morecheerful    @JoJopalm22    @mrsmpw    @catrowetextiles

@db_Printmaker    @celiahart    @concretemoomin

As before;

a)  if I’ve spelt your twitter name wrong, just let me know.

b) if your name’s not on the list and it should be, just let me know.

c) if you want to join in there’s still time, just let me know.

I’m really looking forward to this, I hope you are too.


4 thoughts on “#DrawingAugust – Updated list of participants

  1. Hello Jean
    Each storify link is a separate story – I’ve just made this one using the last 40 tweets about #DrawingAugust http://storify.com/JeanEd70/drawing-august
    I could do another one this evening of all today’s anticipation if you like.
    For it to work all the tweets have to have the # in.
    Would it be worth asking participants to add the date so we can storify and retweet each day’s drawings in one link at the end of the day or the next day? eg #DrawingAugust1st, #DrawingAugust2nd etc
    Best wishes

    • Hi Jean,
      I get it now … I wouldn’t want to impose on you to do this – bearing in mind there are 31 days in August. I’m happy to do it, or perhaps we can share the load? let me know your thoughts.

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