What to do for #DrawingAugust

Well it’s finally here – #DrawingAugust.  Depending on where you are in the world you may already be living August 1st!

Since this morning we have had another 5 participants join the group, so say hello to:






Tomorrow starts a 31 day drawingfest for all of us.  Please don’t feel stressed about this it’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience, so do as much as you can without giving yourself a nervous breakdown.

So, here are the guidelines:

1.  Each day draw something, even if its just a few lines on a page like Picasso’s Dove

Picasso Dove


2.  Take a photograph of your drawing – very imporant or you won’t be able to share your wonderful creations.

3.  Tweet your photo – please put the date on the tweet – feel free to give a description but it’s not as important as the drawing.

4.  Make sure you use the #DrawingAugust hashtag in your tweet so that we can find it through Twitter Discovery or in Storify.

That’s it – repeat 31 times daily throughout August (sounds like a prescription!)

Either myself, Dean or JeadEd70 will be able to tweet a link to Storify whcih will give a summary of all the tweet posted that day, but we can only find these tweets through the #DrawingAugust hashtag so make sure you use it.  If you forget just tweet your picture again with the hashtag.

Finally, here’s a collection of some of my drawings from January; some good, some not so great … but the most important thing is that I picked up my pencil every day and did something in my book – it really can become quite addictive!






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