#DrawingAugust – Just keeps getting bigger

I am overwhelmed and very pleased that so many people want to be part of #drawingaugust.  For those of you that don’t know, this started by way of an ‘off the cuff’ remark to Dean Lewis @olderthanevil about getting more drawing done and now it has mobilised into this fantastic event.  So, a big THANK YOU to all the participants of #DrawingAugust for your commitment and efforts so far.  It’s wonderful to see Twitter being used for such a positive event rather than all the bad things you hear in the press and on the radio.

So, here is the up to date list .. as always if you are not on here let me know and I’ll add you on.  I’d like to try and keep it up to date so that we have a reference point of how many people took part and also so that you can refer back to this list and contact people if you want to after the end of August.

One question asked today.. how many are on the list.  Well I’ve done my best to keep it accurate and if I’m right we now have 158 people.  If we all complete the challenge there will be 4898 drawings floating around cyberspace with the #DrawingAugust tag on it.  THAT’S BRILLIANT!

Here’s the up to date list:

@OlderthanEvil   @jeanstevens4  @Jcurtisart   @fionasculpture

@freshlysketched  @PaulaOakley1   @dEEN1ckersOn   @AlisontheArtist

@bellabasilcata    @EmmaRushArt    @Wainwright_LJ3    @smallofferings

@staithesartist   @kfsoriginals   @treblevodka    @AlanTaylorPaint

@ArtbyJAK    @JoDacombe   @LizReal1   @ArtistRebeccaLS

@LindaCoteStudio   @CarolsOriginals   @peepart   @Rachellen333

@poochweasel   @purple-primate   @Printsbymaggieg   @nelchee

@LTPaints   @Redshoeskate   @Skull_Full   @myapplique

@LynnKeddie   @DaveMooreArt   @Redpaint17   @LOTZofArt

@art_ellie   @elphaba90    @james_clayton   @DanielJEllers

@MosquitoCreativ   @fury_conception   @DMDrawings  @DrawntoDevon

@CSADillo   @IanGordonCraig   @JameSamuels   @AlkalineCrow

@DistractedKeith   @CarolAnneTonge   @Zalamanderuk   @Anns_paintings

@Digifem   @lynnecroft1   @sculptressbyday   @that_designer

@artroshi   @fauxgypsy   @nauticistar    @JeanEd70

@vividly   @LornaJohnstone   @InkwellArts   @legardner

@Jennyzigzag   @paulawhite_uk   @ProjectDogwalk   @marion_taylor

@walkanddrawbath   @MissSMerrill   @sragel   @luxx_deluxe

@jayniemk   @MsJoAnnCurtis   @GloriaDeanArt   @vrandallart

@BotanyGubbins   @Jas_bel   @readdevine   @CathyTStudios

@MaryLizingram   @janbrewerton   @WillyGilder   @gracewizzidean

@Bertypops   @americodasneves   @MyBirdBeeGarden   @513_Belle

@Adaviespaint   @maghiemags   @K_Landers_Art    @realfunghi

@EricaSharpe    @zeke0317    @pegmorrisart    @Dstringle

@bbluesnowflake   @JK_Draw   @MugumoWorks   @sumi1998

@Lamb22Lamb   @NettieWriter   @MrUku   @Ghassann555

@hierwieda    @jerryshawback   @IeuanEdwards    @JoHatty

@BirdHousePress    @alpacakatie    @kardisom    @Bevart

@Toferfer    @Kerryisbald    @Ben_prints    @DaveBarrow3

@morecheerful    @JoJopalm22    @mrsmpw    @catrowetextiles

@db_Printmaker    @celiahart    @concretemoomin

@Jillgriffinart   @TamTiger   @GMC_tweets   @AilaRei_II

@Petermaskreplica    @flylilypad    @DailawyrPrints   @pudwinks

@annlprintmakers   @bev_laing   @LelandStruebig    @HaideeJoSummers

@wjoates    @_youdesignme_   @universalradio    @susanfelucifer

@OriginalBea    @rachelmann94    @zoefallows    @JSHyena

@BettyKnitter    @portretliefde.nl    @AdeTurner2    @ImageMundi

@lylyee   @Lindseyj76    @artistintheshed    @MintoDawn

@philatphil    @wontletyoufly    @maccymacx    @geniepuss

@danidavisart    @rotherarts    @BeadyEyeBoo


As before;

a)  if I’ve spelt your twitter name wrong, just let me know.

b) if your name’s not on the list and it should be, just let me know.

c) if you want to join in there’s still time, just let me know.

I’m really looking forward to this, I hope you are too.


8 thoughts on “#DrawingAugust – Just keeps getting bigger

    • Hi Angela, you’re on the list – one drawing a day with the #drawingaugust hashtag and the date so we can see which day it relates to. At the end you should have 31 drawings for August. If you’re joining late then just from today onwards.

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