Drawings for #DrawingAugust – Week 1

Well what a week, I’ve never been on the computer so much, looking at all the wonderful artwork created by our #DrawingAugust group.  There are 194 people using the #drawingaugust hashtag, some have proactively signed up, others have jumped on board and I’ve contacted these and asked to add them to the list.  It’s not that I’m a control freak (although some would say I am) it’s just that there an integrity to the project here.  One drawing a day for 31 days; each tagged with #drawingaugust and the date so we can see which date it relates to.  If we want to do anything afterwards with all this wonderful work, it’ll be easier to work with the framework we’ve set up.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who is taking part and also to say that everyone is welcome, it would be great it we could acknowledge them by putting them on the group list.  (I’ll shut up now as I’m starting to sound like a broken record).

One week in and we should all have a nice collection of our work; here’s mine!


Day 1:

A hot and sunny day on Exmoor, just sat by the river and sketched the scene in front of me.

I love doing this and need more practice.


Day 2:

I am surrounded by farmland which is a mixture of dairy, beef and arable.

So many cows and lots of calves at the moment.

 Always good to get them when they’re grazing, they don’t tend to stray too far!


Day 3:

I’ve taken lots of photos of poppies in the fields here, I love them they are so delicate; and as someone said on twitter – papery.


Day 4:

When you tell people you’re an artist, sometimes they come out with unusual requests.

Clearly something that has been on their mind a while.

So, here is one; a tattoo design!


Day 5:

My personal favourite so far.

I see so many Carrion Crows and photograph them.

I liked the mix of black and brown ink (waterproof); it really adds to the drawing.


Day 6:

As with the cow in Day 2, there are many sheep.

I enjoy quick sketches with no real refinement, as they stay loose and sometimes more characterful.


Day 7:

The neighbours Aylesbury Duck

Again, pen and ink but with some Van Gogh coloured pencils this time.

I like these pencils and should use them more often.  The range of colours is fantastic.

So, that’s the first 7 days, I look forward to the next, I hope you do too!


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