Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

In early July I went to see the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  I’ve never been before but I’m so glad that I went this year.  The biggest learning for me is how eclectic the exhibition is.  This exhibition has been going for 245 years and remains a highlight of the London arts calendar.  If you get a chance, please take some time to go.  It has something for everyone; painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, architectural models and film.  It’s the world’s largest open-submission exhibition and people queue for hours to put in their work in the hope of being picked for the exhibition.

Perhaps something I should try!  What is there to lose?

IMG_1215  IMG_1217 IMG_1218 IMG_1219      IMG_1225 IMG_1226


2 thoughts on “Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

  1. I went a few weeks ago and I agree with your thoughts – I wondered whether there were more prints than usual. So many different print techniques but I only found three collagraphs by two different artists – since I make collagraphs I always look out for them!

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