The Harvest

You know it’s coming towards the end of the summer when the Combine Harvesters come into the fields to reep what the Farmer has sown earlier in the year.

The fields surrounding our village have been full of barley and wheat and I’ve enjoyed listening to the sounds created by the wind when I’ve walked Mr P.  Some days the fields were full of beautiful golden yellow hues and now that’s all gone.

The landscape is now changing and we’ll see lots of farm vehicles coming through the village at all times of the night until the harvest is complete.  It’s all part of the cycle of life in the countryside and it’s one that I welcome; rather than city life!  There’s an appreciation that comes from being close to the source of your food whether it’s meat, dairy or arable.

Jean_Stevens_Harvest1 Jean_Stevens_Harvest2 Jean_Stevens_Harvest3So here’s to enjoying the remainder of the summer and looking forward to the changing seasons into Autumn.

But not just yet!


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