The Latest #DrawingAugust Participant List

So, here we are on Day 12 and we now have 203 participants for #DrawingAugust.

As before, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who is taking part and spreading the word.  This has been a huge achievement just by the sheer nature of the community that has been created.  I hope that we all continue to draw and tweet after this challenge has finished.

For those of you that haven’t seen anything about this before, click here for the original blog post about it all.

Here is the latest list of participants.  I’m not going to proactively tweet people to join the list anymore as it’s taking up too much time that I should be drawing with!  If anyone wants to be added to the list that’s great.  We welcome anyone to the group; all I need is a quick tweet asking to be put on the list and I’ll gladly do that.

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who has managed to maintain the momentum so far, it’s not easy and also for the willingness to share drawings whether you are happy with them or not!

I’m going to stop now as it’s starting to sound like a BAFTA acceptance speech.  I need to get off this computer and draw!

One last thing, if you can’t find your name, let me know and I’ll double check and add you if necessary.

So here we are:

@OlderthanEvil   @jeanstevens4    @Jcurtisart   @fionasculpture

@freshlysetched    @PaulaOakley1   @dEEN1ckersOn    @AlisontheArtist

@bellabasilcata    @EmmaRushArt    @Wainwright_LJ3     @smallofferings

@staithesartist    @kfsoriginals    @treblevodka    @AlanTaylorPaint

@ArtbyJAK   @JoDacombe   @LizReal1   @ArtistRebeccaLS

@LindaCoteStudio    @CarolsOriginals    @peepart    @Rachellen333

@poochweasel    @purple-primate    @Printsbymaggieg    @nelchee

@LTPaints    @Redshoeskate    @Skull_Full    @myapplique    @LynnKeddie

@DaveMooreArt    @Redpaint17    @LOTZofArt    @art_ellie    @elphaba90

@james_clayton    @DanielJEllers    @MosquitoCreativ    @fury_conception

@DMDrawings    @DrawntoDevon   @CSADillo    @IanGordonCraig

@JameSamuels    @AlkalineCrow    @DistractedKeith    @CarolAnneTonge

@Zalamanderuk    @Anns_paintings    @Digifem    @lynnecroft1

@sculptressbyday    @that_designer    @artroshi    @fauxgypsy

@nauticistar    @JeanEd70    @vividly   @LornaJohnstone    @InkwellArts

@legardner    @Jennyzigzag    @paulawhite_uk    @ProjectDogwalk

@marion_taylor    @walkanddrawbath    @MissSMerrill    @sragel

@luxx_deluxe     @jayniemk     @MsJoAnnCurtis    @GloriaDeanArt

@vrandallart     @BotanyGubbins     @Jas_bel     @readdevine

@CathyTStudios    @MaryLizingram    @janbrewerton     @WillyGilder

@gracewizzidean     @bertypops    @americodasneves    @MyBirdBeeGarden

@513_Belle    @Adaviespaint    @maghiemags     @K_Landers_Art

@realfunghi     @EricaSharpe     @zeke0317     @pegmorrisart

@Dstringle     @bbluesnowflake     @JK_Draw     @MugumoWorks

@sumi1998     @Lamb22Lamb     @NettieWriter    @MrUku

@Ghassann555      @hierwieda     @jerryshawback     @IeuanEdwards

@JoHatty     @BirdHousePress     @alpacakatie     @kardisom

@Bevart     @Toferfer      @Kerryisbald     @Ben_prints    @DaveBarrow3

@morecheerful     @JoJopalm22     @mrsmpw     @catrowetextiles

@db_Printmaker     @celiahart      @concretemoomin     @Jillgriffinart

@TamTiger     @GMC_tweets     @AilaRei_II     @Petermaskreplica

@flylilypad     @DailawyrPrints     @pudwinks     @annlprintmakers

@bev_laing     @LelandStruebig     @HaideeJoSummers     @wjoates

@_youdesignme_     @universalradio     @susanfelucifer     @OriginalBea

@rachelmann94      @zoefallows     @JSHyena    @BettyKnitter     @AdeTurner2      @ImageMundi      @lylyee

@Lindseyj76      @artistintheshed     @MintoDawn     @philatphil

@wontletyoufly     @maccymacx    @geniepuss    @danidavisart

@rotherarts     @BeadyEyeBoo     @thredspider     @LornaRobinson90

@chrimw    @vardagsbibel    @FawnedYogi     @Thermalkat

@007Natty007     @pollymnoakes    @kelliehill     @pastelesta

@HeidiFuchtman     @FrancisPeee     @ftitfar     @jett_hachi

@heatherburns201     @MormorJan    @Jordinili   @LJeanLewis

@Colorfulmuse      @Treg_Arts     @_yuudai       @bendelachanal

@drawmill     @iLulart      @esolomon36     @MunriloSRomeiro

@BillyYvonne      @davist2003    @j_jlloyd     @MsJackieFrances

@DmcollinsJ    @theDrowningDogs     @KToogie      @angelajsimpson

@TheMuel23     @jacquidoddsart     @silverpebble2      @FlowersShamini

@Soaped_Up     @SilenaileJoe     @cameronkieffer     @Saralimback

@Px2814      @Ruth_Sturdy     @time4art


Hope you are enjoying #DrawingAugust – all 203 of you!


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