#DrawingAugust – Drawings for Week 2

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I hope that you’re enjoying our daily drawing challenge and it hasn’t turned into a hard slog for you.  I’m amazed at all the brilliant drawings that keep being posted and am trying to think of a way to record the group once it’s all over.  So, watch this space.

Here’s my drawings for week 2;


Day 8:

We have so many apples falling off the tree there’s just not enough room for them all to grow so some get squashed out.

The oak block is from an oak beam that we had for our house build but didn’t use. It’s a beautiful piece of wood.


Day 9:

Mr P – what more do I need to say!


Day 10:

A badger skull which we’ve had for years.


Day 11:

After Botticelli – a study of one of his paintings


Day 12:

Leaves, Corn & Teasel from the field – a study (Unfinished)

It’s difficult when the light starts to go in the evening.


Day 13:

Suddenly became obsessed with elispses whilst eating my lunch, then it moved onto jars and vases.

A lovely way to spend a lunch break.


Day 14:

We have so many Goldfinches visiting the garden.  They are beautiful – so colourful.

So a quick study and addition of some Teasels, also a favourite of mine.


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