Drawings for #DrawingAugust – Week 3

Say hello to another three participants for #DrawingAugust:

@carejo_carla   @KellyTpottery @bubaluyve

This brings our total participant list to 215 and I know there are a lot of people now using the hashtag that aren’t on the group list.  Apologies, I can’t keep up with contacting them any more!

I’ve enjoyed this week, 3 animal drawings, 2 flower drawings and 1 object.  I think next week I might try to do some buildings or more objects.

Here’s my drawings for this week, let me know what you think.


Day 15:

Collared Doves in the garden sitting on the cherry tree


Day 16:

Statue.  Had been reading my book about Leonardo Da Vinci and thought I’d try cloth folds.


Day 17:

Friends came ’round for dinner and brought Gladioli


Day 18:

I see lots of foxes; some alive, some dead.


Day 19:

Mr P – again, what more can I say, he’s a darling.


Day 20:

The neighbours cat, sat on the wall.  A beautiful cat with tortoiseshell patches.


Day 21:

The Gladioli flowered and are beautiful.

Pen & Ink drawing

There are 10 days left of #DrawingAugust. Those that have managed to draw every day will have a portfolio of 31 drawings.  Some they’ll be proud of, some they won’t, but the biggest part of this whole project has been the commitment to draw, developing or refining your drawing skills, sharing with the group and encouraging others.

Happy drawing!


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