Drawings for #DrawingAugust – Week 4

I hope that you are all enjoying #DrawingAugust.  It’s been great fun and there are some wonderful drawings to see from the group.  There are a few boards in Pinterest now from fellow #DrawingAugust sketchers and also the main one by Ian Gordon Craig which has a fantastic medley of posts by the group – take a look here –  http://pinterest.com/search/boards/?q=drawingaugust

Here are my drawings for Week 4 …


Day 22

Swallows – flying all around the fields.

It won’t be long now until they’re gone.


Day 23:

Cooking Apples – we have so many apples on our tree that they squeeze each other out!


Day 24:

Waiting for friends at the coffee shop

Thought I’d try and draw some of the other customers – a first for me.


Day 25:

A watercolour sketch of our much loved and well used herb garden.

It’s starting to look a bit empty!


Day 26:

I bought these two squashes from the neighbours veg table outside their house.

I was struggling with ideas of what to draw today and these looked so good.

I should have done a watercolour study but it was late when I started and the light wasn’t so good.


Day 27:

A very busy and hectic day today, so just a very quick sketch of a bird.


Day 28:

The Basil plant on our kitchen window sill.

The smell is wonderful and we use Basil a lot in our cooking but tonight I got to draw it instead.

With only three days left to go, some of the group have already starting thinking about how they can continue with theme of group participation …. so @HaideeJoSummers came up with #paintseptember – how about it?  Let @HaideeJoSummers or Dean Lewis @OlderthanEvil know if you want to join in.  There’s no set number of paintings to be completed, it really is as and when you can.


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