Painting Lytes Cary Manor House, Somerset

Lytes Cary manor house is a property that I see most days but haven’t visited for a while.  So I decided that this would be my challenge for the last day of #DrawingAugust.

It’s a very old property, some of it dating back to the 14th century and the earliest surviving part of it is the chapel.   It was built by Peter Lyte in about 1343, and was completed by 1358.  I thought it only right that the oldest part of the building should be in my drawing/painting today so with this in mind I set about finding the perfect spot.

I sat down on the lawn in the apostle garden next to a topiarised yew, got my sketchbook out and started to draw.  It was such a sunny day that it didn’t take long to get very hot and I’m not used to sitting on the grass any more so it wasn’t long before my bum hurt!  I really enjoyed the chats I had with people who wanted to see my drawing and ask me about what I was doing.  It’s always nice to talk about art!

I took a few photos yesterday as I want to develop my painting skills over the winter and I found a few aspects that would make good oil painting subjects.  Unfortunately, Lytes Cary manor closes in the autumn until the spring so I won’t be able to visit then.  


The view from the cutting garden


The garden


The view I chose to draw & paint



I decided to take my drawing home to paint as it was so hot, my body was rejecting the idea of sitting any longer on the grass without some extra padding and I’d also forgot my sun cream.  Besides all the personal anguish, I thought that the water in the watercolour paints would dry so quickly that it would be difficult to paint.

So I sat down at home with a nice cup of tea (and that’s not the greenish liquid you can see) and used my St Petersburg paints to finish off my drawing.  You’ll see my colour key card on the side of my sketchbook, I use this to help me remember the colours as quite often they’re not always recognisable when dry! 

I’ll post the drawing tomorrow with the last three days of the #DrawingAugust challenge.  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the drawings!


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