Drawings for #DrawingAugust – Week 5

So here we are, at the end of our #DrawingAugust challenge and it’s been fantastic.  As I said in my previous post, a big thank you to all those involved who made #DrawingAugust the success that it was.

Here are the last three drawings of my daily drawings.


Day 29:

Pine Cone – I have a very large pine cone that sits on my studio desk amongst all my other nature finds.  I thought I would draw an unusual view.


Day 30:

Stag – My Brother in Law spent a day at Lyme Park (NT) photographing the deer and I thought I would use one of his photos as a basis for this drawing.


Day 31:

Lytes Cary House. (NT).  There are several National Trust properties near to where I live and I enjoy looking at how others lived in the past.

See my previous blog post about this painting.

This isn’t the end of #DrawingAugust, there are a few more things to come, but I’ll save them for another post!

Thank you for following #DrawingAugust.


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