A #DrawingAugust Article in the Wales Arts Review

I’ve often been complimented on my ability to be succinct and articulate when orally explaining thoughts or views that I have.   Although, I know you wouldn’t think so from the ramblings of this blog, and I’m certainly not a journalist!  However, I have been given a brilliant opportunity to promote our #DrawingAugust daily drawing challenge by the Wales Arts Review.

So, I’ve written some words that I hope will sum up the events of the last three months; two months leading up to #DrawingAugust and the month of August itself.  I hope that you will agree with the sentiments of the article and that it will encourage you to partake of other art challenges that are announced either through this blog or Twitter.

As the Wales Arts Review have taken the trouble to showcase #DrawingAugust to a wider audience for us, I thought I would do the same for the Wales Arts Review.    I won’t try to explain, in my own words, what the Wales Arts Review is all about as they do it so well themselves.  So, I’ve pinched their words from their website  (I hope they don’t mind!).    This is what they say about themselves;

Wales Arts Review is the critical writing hub for Wales.  Our primary aim is to provide high quality critical coverage of the arts in Wales. Wales Arts Review is also a platform for a new generation of Welsh critics to engage with the wider world through writing about and vigorously debating books, theatre, film, music, the visual arts and the media.

We believe that a vibrant arts scene is the expression of a confident, creative society. We also believe that a healthy critical culture is vital to its sustenance and development. As such, we see Wales Arts Review as another important building-block in the new outward-looking, forward-thinking Wales.

Wales Arts Review takes very seriously its role in nurturing new critics. If you would like to contribute to any aspect of the Wales Arts Review project, no matter what your experience, age or area of expertise, we want to hear from you. Introduce yourself by emailing our editor’s desk.  

Wales Arts Review is a not-for-profit online arts magazine. Wales Arts Review gratefully acknowledges support from Arts Council Wales, Wales Arts International, the Welsh Books Council and the Rhys Davies Trust.”

As I always like to include a photo in my posts, I thought I’d introduce you to the two Wales Arts Review staff that have been putting this article together for us.   Both of these likely lads are on Twitter;  Gary: @GaryRaymond_   Dean @OlderthanEvil.  So feel free to give them a big thank you on Twitter for the article!

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 19.50.00

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 19.50.12

On a final note, I’d like to confirm that no art was harmed in the making of this article, and no money changed hands!  It’s all for the greater good of spreading the word about the creative world we live in!


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