Wales Arts Review

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September has been a lot quieter than August, not least because I haven’t been drawing every day.  I’ve been getting ready for my exhibition and that has taken all my attention, but I wanted to say a big thank you to the Wales Arts Review for the #DrawingAugust article that they published in Volume 2, Issue 21.

It was great fun to do this article and I hope that it spread the word further about  our 31 day drawing challenge that Dean and I set up.  So many people took part and the breadth of drawing styles was truly amazing.  Why don’t you pop over and have a look at the article here.

The Wales Arts Review, Issue 22 is out now, and has a range of articles from reports of music festivals, to conversations with authors, publishing short stories and reviews of exhibitions.  If you are interested in reading something new and different, pop on over and have a look.  I hope you enjoy it and become an avid reader and supporter of it.

Happy reading!


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