Fox: Work in Progress


Well, where are we now? Ah yes, it’s transfer time.

Some people use chinagraph pencils others use carbon paper.  I use handwriting carbon paper as it transfers easily onto the lino; as long as you remember which way around it goes.  So, as you’ll see I’ve flipped the design horizontally to make sure that the finished print is exactly the way I want it.  Then I’ve attached the design on the tracing paper at one edge of the lino.  This way I can keep lifting the tracing paper up easily to check out the transfer process.  Imagine getting to the end of the transfer process to find you haven’t actually transferred anything from the tracing paper to the lino.  How frustrating would that be.

Now that it’s transferred, I can begin cutting away anything that will remain the same colour as the paper.  So, I’d better get my tools out and get going!


One thought on “Fox: Work in Progress

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