My new Etsy shop

One of the important parts of getting your work “out there” is to make sure you have as many outlets for your work as possible.  So, I’ve decided to open an Etsy shop for my cards.  I used to think that I was quite good at computers but this has taken me all day.  It’s amazing how much effort you have to put into getting everything just so.  Here’s what I’ve learnt today;

1.  Make sure your images quality is sufficient to showcase your work properly.  It took me three attempts to get the image composition that I wanted and guess what, it’s been raining here all day so the light hasn’t been great for taking photos.  I’m glad I know how to use photoshop.

2.  Have a written script for each item that you are going to ‘list’ in your shop.  What will prospective buyers want to know about the item.

3.  Be clear what your shipping/postage charges are.  It’s a mine field.  So glad for and their no-nonsense charges page.

4.  Spend time working out what you want to tell people about yourself in ‘your profile’.  A succinct profile should tell everyone the key points about you and your work.

5.  Make sure you understand the website charging structure so you can work out the price of your own work.

6.  Check that you’re happy with the look and feel of your site before you go live, although changes can be made it’s better to take the time now to get it right.

So, being happy with mine, it’s now live! Why don’t you pay me a visit – click here

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 14.44.04



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