Changing Colours at Stourhead

This has to be one of my favourite places in the Autumn.  Although it was rather crowded on the day we visited Stourhead, it was a lovely day spent wandering around the gardens, collecting sweet chestnuts, acorns and lots of leaves!

It has only just begun it’s metamorphosis for the coming of winter so I think we’ll have to make another visit soon to see the whole park in its autumnal splendour.  I spent a long time studying these swans as they preened themselves in the lake and as always ideas were popping in and out of my head for future linoprints.

Stourhead park was designed by Henry Hoare II and has vantage and viewpoints all around the lake from the Greek Temple, The Grotto, The Penthenon, and the entrance to the park.  It’s design was reminiscent of a Grand Tour of Europe. Here’s a few pics from different viewpoints around the lake.

JeanStevensFromTheGrotto JeanStevensGreekTemple JeanStevensPanthenon


Perhaps somewhere you might want to visit in the future.


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