Fox – work in progress

I’m now working on Fox colour number 3.  If you remember from previous posts when you do a reduction linocut it’s best to work from the lightest colour to the darkest so that the previous lighter colour is covered by the next darker colour and is covered well.  I’ve mixed my next colour to make a lovely green but I’ve mixed it with quite a bit of extender.  The effect of the extender is that the previous colour (orange) will mix with the green to form a new colour, in this case, namely brown.  This is a bit of an experiment for me as I’m used to working with opaque colours, so I’m quite excited to see what happens here….


and viola!


I’ve produced this lovely brown colour.    Ideally, you would experiment on some spare paper and inks but I like to take a risk and enjoy the surprising outcome.  (it doesn’t always work well, but it’s fun to try!)   This has worked well, if you’re wondering what the white paper was on the first photo -it’s a mask so that I can maintain the bright orange on the fox.  There’ll be lots of work to do on him/her but I want to concentrate on the background first.


Colour number 4 is the green which is opaque.  This is for the foliage that will be at the bottom of the trees. The outline design of the trees is starting to show through and this will be covered by the next colour…..


The next area to cover is the threes and this will make the background complete.  To do this, I need to cut away everything that will remain green which is the outline of the canopy and the shrubs on the forest bed.   Hopefully now you can imagine how this print is going to look.   Now it’s time to focus on Fox himself and then sort out a couple of niggles (but I won’t share these with you, see if you can spot them when the print is finished – you’ll need to compare them to this print above).

I hope you’re enjoying this print journey so far!  Printmakers all have their own techniques to get to the finished piece, some are more direct, others like the path to be slightly wayward; like me!


2 thoughts on “Fox – work in progress

    • Hi Jean, I’m doing a run of 20 prints for fox but there will be wastage. There are already a few that won’t be used but I’ll keep going with them to the end as I may be able to use them for collage. I never expect 100% perfect as multiple colour prints are at risk every time you put on a new colour. Hope this answers your question. J

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