Fox – The Last Stages


“Going Home”

Fox is now finished and now that I’ve reviewed the blog I can see how long it’s taken to complete.  Unfortunately I can’t spend all my time on a print until it’s complete as there are so many other calls on my time, but I definitely need to make a promise to myself for 2014 about the time I take to bring an initial sketch through to finished print! I think it goes along the lines of “must try harder!”

Last time I posted about Fox the background was complete and all that was left was to focus on bringing her to life.  So, that’s what I’ve done.

There were two stages to this, a darker orange and then finally, the ears, nose, eyes, socks and tail.


colour testing the 2nd orange layer for contrast


the second layer printed


one more fox layer to go


ears, eyes, nose, socks and tail

When all of this was complete, I printed a final piece around the fox to complete the shadow and then it was finished.  As always, you can see something in the print which you wonder whether it could look different and therefore enhance the overall picture, but after a small experiment with a spare print, I decided not to change it.

I’m really pleased with the results overall, but I’ve been really critical when I’ve reviewed the finished prints.  So, this is a small edition of 13 prints.  It’s classed as a variable edition as some of the colours are slightly different on some of the  prints.

I’ve taken one print off to Pennybatch Gallery to be turned into cards and framed ready for my next exhibition in January.

I’m intending to take a small break over the Christmas period, although I’m already getting fidgety so I’m not sure how long it will last. So just a few posts left until 2014!


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