Tootle Bridge

It’s been quite a week with all the rain, gale force winds, flooding and travel disruptions.  I hope that you have been safe where you are and the storms haven’t affected you too much.  There’s been some damage in the village with fences, electricity lines and trees coming down, but thankfully we have been relatively unaffected.  The wind has been howling outside as we have been tucked up in doors, with the log burner keeping us warm.

After all the activity of Christmas Day we decided to take Mr P for a long walk to Tootle Bridge so that we could see how swollen the River Brue had become.  Thankfully the water level is still quite low.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to sketch while we were milling around the bridge!


Tootle Bridge – River Brue

I’ve used Platinum Pigment Ink (Sepia) which is waterproof


In colour!

I don’t tend to carry colour in my bag as I don’t always have time to do this in situ.  There’s only so much you can get away with on a family walk!  So, I added the colour at home.  The moleskine sketchbook isn’t designed with water in mind so I’ve used Derwent Inktense pencils here and then given it a lick of water afterwards.  The pages have curled (that’s why I’ve got paperclips in each corner for photographing) but it’ll be okay tomorrow after it’s been sealed shut for the day.


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